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Types of classes

Please note that even though you can choose just one area of focus, all classes below intertwine and can be mixed and matched.

Contemporary pole

Choreographies are inspired by various styles of dancing and can differ a lot depending on the music. The focus is on expressing a wide range of emotions and not being afraid of looking weird. Quite often, improvisation exercises are introduced during classes.

Pole dance in heels

The moves are performed in pole dance heels, so you are not only learning how to use the pole, but also the shoes. The dance itself can be explosive and very "in your face", flowy and calm or somewhere in between, but the goal is always the same - to feel sexy and empowered.

Pole sport

This branch of pole dance is focused on performing tricks and, of course, connecting them together. The variety of elements is vast: you may show off your flexibility, strength and balance skills, you may stay low or use the full height of the pole, you may create your own momentum on static pole or master the speed of spin pole.


Depending on your preference, floorwork combinations may be very artsy/contemporary or imensely sexy. Therefore, moves can be performed in socks as well as in heels. Either way, the focus is on staying close to the ground and using it to move around together with music.

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